What's Inside the Orion

  1. Whirlpool Jet with Easy Control
  2. Cascading Waterfall with LED Backlighting
  3. Multi Level Footwell
  4. Individual Seat Massage Patterns
  5. Total Side Panel Removal for Ease of Maintenance
  6. Foot Jets
  7. Two Air Control Valves

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For those who desire spacious surroundings, you’ll fall in love with the Orion. With it’s roomy design and open spaces, the Orion will soon become your favorite social gathering spot for both family and friends. With four oversized corner seats, comfort is a natural and their placement is ideal for having group talks. The footwell in the Orion is oversized and it is two-tiered for added leg room and more comfort options. The floor area also has two textured zones. Not only can you enjoy hydro therapy massage, but you can also benefit a massage on the bottom of your feet at the same time. For your added convenience and safety, the Orion also has two Step-In/Cool Down seats. Getting in and out of the spa is safe and easy and if you happen to get a little overheated, you don’t have to exit the spa. Just sit on one of the cool down seats and most of your upper body will be out of the water.

The Orion has 28 adjustable, stainless steel jets which include foot and neck jets for total massage coverage. There is also a 4-way diverter jet to enable a variety of massage options and to provide the opportunity to increase jet intensity. You can direct the water through all 28 of the spa jets or you can increase the intensity by directing it through only two of the four seats or you can direct it through the other two seats or you can have it all blast through the diverter jet, by itself. What a great relief for those extra sore muscles.

The contemporary look of the Orion is enhanced with a cascading waterfall with LED backlighting, main and external lights on each corner of the spa. You can choose your favorite colour or you can enjoy variable changing colour sequences. The Orion will be a fine addition to your backyard.

Your eyes will be full of stars

New - Black Doors

We've added the option of black doors just in time for the next spa season. So you'll find the Orion spa in a new design and new colors, combining richness and elegance.

Sole Mate

If you love massaging your tired feet then Orion has your Sole Mate. Just rub the bottom of your feet back and forth on either of the two uneven, textured Sole Mate surfaces and it won’t take long before you feel that added relief.

Whirlpool Jet

The powerful Whirlpool turbo diversion jet, with easy management of water flow strength, allows for perfectly targeted massage.


Thanks to its unique design, the Orion spa is easy to transport, even in the back of a pickup truck. And with the built-in handles, you can easily place it anywhere in your backyard.

One-Piece Construction

Because the Orion hot tub is molded in one piece from polyethylene, its construction is strong and virtually indestructible. It is easier to maintain, this material will not hold bacteria and it won't crack or chip.

Four-Season Performer

You can use the Orion hot tub even in winter because it has been rigorously tested in a variety of winter conditions.

Proudly made in Canada

The Orion spa was designed, developed and manufactured in Canada, more precisely in the Pür Spas factory located in Drummondville, in the heart of the province of Québec, where more than 150 employees work in state-of-the-art facilities.


  • Powerful Jets
    • The innovative design of the jets maximizes the power;
    • All types of massages are possible, in all positions;
    • Relaxation guaranteed.
  • Even more power with a Whirlpool jet
    • In addition to the regular jets, the Orion spa offers the Whirlpool jet for even more power and precision in the massage;
    • You can choose to control different sections in the spa;
    • Depending on your position, your back, legs or arms will ask for more!
  • Waterfall Serenity
    • Adjustable waterfall with the brilliance of LED backlighting;
    • Set the speed of the overflow;
    • Choose your favorite light pattern.
  • Air Control Valve
    • Easy-to-use air valve;
    • Increases the power of the jets in the spa;
    • Allows for different levels of whirlpools, which are essential to the spa experience.
  • Reflective Insulation
    • A hermetic curtain is formed around the spa by a thick, reflective, high-performance film that keeps the heat in and the cold out;
    • The insulation of your spa is ensured by obtaining this efficient “thermal cabin effect”;
    • You will be able to use your spa in winter, even in very cold temperatures;
  • Friction heating
    • In order to reduce the electrical consumption of the Orion spa, we have integrated two InnovaFlow adapters, a unique, simple and efficient device that is paired with the traditional water heater;
    • The InnovaFlow system naturally generates heat by causing friction between the molecules in the water as it circulates;
    • As a result, less energy is required of the water heater, resulting in energy savings.
  • A Variety of Lighting
    • In order to create the most relaxing environment, we have equipped the Orion spa with an illuminated waterfall and outdoor lights;
    • The energy source of the light will offer you exceptional moments of relaxation;
    • The LED lights give you several choices of colours and rhythms.
  • No Site Preparation
    • Install on a solid, level surface;
    • No concrete or wood base required;
    • Our spas are self-supporting and they are made of one solid piece (monocoque).

    This explains why you don’t have to do any complicated preparation before installation.

  • World-Renowned Equipment

    Your Orion is equipped with plumbing components and electrical equipment manufactured by the leaders in our industry, like Balboa, CMP, LX, and Rising Dragon. These components are not only reliable, but they are available from many sources for maintenance and replacement if needed.

  • Polyethylene Structure

    The structure of our spa is made of the best possible material, polyethylene:

    • Virtually indestructible and lightweight;
    • Does not retain bacteria and prevents their growth;
    • Completely sealed and protected base;
    • Easy to maintain material.
  • Easy Access for Maintenance

    The equipment is easily and quickly accessible behind the removable panels on each side of the spa;
    The spa is well suited for maintenance and service.

  • Easy to Move and Handle
    • The Orion spa is so light that two to four people can lift it;
    • Transport it on a small trailer or in the back of a pickup truck and say goodbye to shipping costs!
    • A quick start guide allows you to place it, fill it and enjoy it immediately.
  • Made in Canada

    The Orion spa was designed, developed and manufactured in Canada, more precisely in the Pür Spas factory located in Drummondville, in the heart of the province of Québec, where over 150 employees work in state-of-the-art facilities.


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